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15 Candidates in District 23’s Royal Rumble!

I will be one of a total of three candidates on the November 8th General Election ballot, in D23.

Currently there are 7 Republicans, 6 Democrats and 2 No Party Affiliates (most people think of NPAs as independents) who have qualified for Florida’s District 23.

Mark Napier, the other NPA will likely be disqualified to run. Every candidate has to be registered within their party for 365 days before the election. It appears that Napier switched from the Independence Party of Florida to being a No Party Affiliate on Dec. 13, 2021, which is 182 days before qualifying, automatically disqualifying him from the race.

I will be one of 3 D23 congressional candidates on the ballot, on Nov. 8, 2022.

Did you know that there are about 100K more NPA’s in D23 then there are Republicans? Well, there are and we’re a strong, proud group of Americans who vote for a candidate, not a party. Many people were NPAs but switched to a party to vote for or against a particular candidates. Many voters in both parties are disenchanted with their party and will vote for a candidate they think will actually represent them and won’t be corrupted or corruptible.

Freedom is priceless.

We the People must unite! As an NPA I have no allegiance to either party, but rather only to We the People. You vote me in. You vote me out. Neither party can pressure my vote. I will always vote for you, the People!

Our nation is in crisis. We must stand strong and together.

Congressional Candidate Running for Congress in Florida’s District 23

The question is: Who will join me on the November ballot?

The Democrats and Republicans, alike, will need to successfully convey to D23 voters that a deeply embedded political cog in the wheel, like candidate, Moskowitz (aka Dr. Death), will never serve the interest of the people but rather only serve the system that works against us.

American citizens, in both parties, are fed up with deep state antics. Moskowitz has been in politics since he was 25. Local politics doesn’t pay well. Yet, he had no problem putting up a quarter MILLION dollars of his own money, into his campaign. Where did he get the money on that kind of salary? The last thing we need are more politicians looking to be bribed!

Broward County is notorious for its corruption, which is deep seeded in local politics. When a young politician gets 1+ endorsements from a slew of other politicians throughout the state, you can deduct that guy is never going to serve the people, does exactly what he is told and is there to serve the corruption, not the people.

I’ve spoken one-on-one with about 40-50K+ voters in D23 – Dems, NPAs and Republicans. They don’t want a career politician. If Moskowitz is anything, he’s proud to be a career politician.

Now, it’s up to the Democrats and Republicans running against him in D23 to make sure the public sees Moskowitz for what he is… a deep state stooge who will never represent or even care about the interests and needs of the voters, but instead is merely a deep state, self-serving windbag.

Something to note about Moskowitz, he’s great at identifying problems that we are all already aware of, but seems incapable of coming up with solutions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Moskowitz was appointed by DeSantis and shut down all (?) the large democrat leaning counties, in Florida, under DeSantis’ watch. It’s possible that DeSantis will endorse Moskowitz.

Best of luck to all the Democrats and Republicans between now and Aug. 23, 2022. You’ve got your work cut out for you! I look forward to seeing the last man standing on November’s ballot!

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